About Us

Mission Statement

To assist in the "Enhancement" of one's life, by connecting people to the world, and to each other, with today's technology.   

Understanding Fear

It is so important is to build a person's confidence in the use of electronics. I regularly encounter  brilliant- minded people who now question their intelligence based solely on their intimidation of today's electronics. I try to conquer their fears by offering fun, patient, and easy to understand solutions that are geared to  a person's individual learning style. 


It was decided for me , after  two years of delivering for "Meals on Wheels " that my  emphasis and love would be  working with Seniors. I started Kim Cares in 2012 after seeing a need with my own Mom, for patient, easy to understand  electronic instruction.

 My electronics career began in the early 1990's, in the Automotive Industry.  It was an exciting time in Electronics.  Car TV's, Navigation, Cell Phones, IPods, Sattelite Radio and  Bluetooth devices were just some of the NEW technology products hitting the scene. My husband  at the time had a degree in computer hardware and was employed as an  IT professional at Sea World, San Diego. He has now and always  been a great teacher and mentor to me. Personally, I have gone one on  and  continue  to acquire numerous certifications on the software side. In fact, I have never stopped taking classes. .

 I have been a teacher/ trainer  in nearly all my jobs. I have  taught at Oasis and was the first to create  the "Tech Club"for the City of San Diego's Senior Center located at Balboa Park. I also write a column named , Kim Cares Tech Tips, for the local paper , The Clairemont Times. This experience has given me the ability  and training,  not only  recognize  an Individual's pace  and  learning  style ,  but more importantly, to custom fit my customer's needs with the tools that best help "them" understand  and  excel.


"I have been very pleased with the technical skills and efforts shown by Kim Cares in solving my computer problems. Good Job!"

Bob Brown -February 2017


"Kim has a really extensive knowledge base. But she  is exceptionally knowledgeable in adult learning theory."

N. Donald - July 2017


Not only is Kim extremely knowledge; she really does Care!

J. Janette - January 2018



Services Provided

• PC/Mac's

• Tablets/IPad's

• Smartphones

• Printer's


• Set-Up

• Instruction based on individual learning style

• Troubleshooting 

• And More.......

• Mobile to "You" (Servicing the San Diego, CA area ONLY)